On July 7, 2000, Bob and Beufred were having a fight about a story they were going to write. Suddenly, Beufred started ramming his face into Bob's fist. After both Bob and Beufred were lying in bloody pools on the floor, Beufred suddenly burst into flames for no apparent reason. Bob was so saddened by this turn of events, that he went into a long period of mourning, and ran to Mexico. He hid out...erm...mourned his loss there for about about a year. On July 8th, 2001, he met Stan Murdoc, whom he had met before at a job interview with the Prince of Evil, and they became good friends. They were both "Mourning" a loss, and kind of connected with each other. After a while, Bob told him about his old site, and they decided to start it up again. That is how we got here.

Forensic experts from the "National Investigator" said that "Beufred was killed by large amounts of trauma to the cranium and abdominal regions. We believe that he was actually an alien from the planet Grobnarc, and his body disintigrated itself to destroy all evidence. It did this by coating itself in Gasoline and using a match, from the planet Earth, to light itself ablaze." Bob says about Beufred "I really liked the guy, but I did notice some oddities about him. Like the fact that he had a Mosquito for a pet. I believe he was secretly researching the the Human race by way of me."