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Last updated: 4-28-02

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After a VERY long break, The greatest news resource of all time has returned. After Beufred, the other half of B & B news, perished, Bob stopped doing the site, but now he has returned. You can see our old page Here. Click on a link below to see the story. Stories are listed from newest to oldest.

Pervs Strike in Odd Place

Stan's Psychotic Farewell

BSNews Hires Staff

Satan Kicks the Bucket, BSNews Staff Leaves

Not So Jolly Elves

Drugs Run Rampant, Undercover Investigation

Christmas, the Best Holiday

Larry King Interview

Editorial: Where Schools Went Wrong

Reality TV Dangerous To Your Health

Teletubbies Producers Take the Show A Different Direction

Britney Spears Interview

New line of Barbies Released

Home-School Shooting

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