Stan Murdoc

Stan Murdoc lived and died in a sleepy Alaskan village named Mr. Billy’s Magic Iceland. When Stan reached hell (being the enormous sinner that he was) Satan
discovered that after years of living in Alaska, Stan’s body temperature had lowered to -10 degrees Fahrenheit and if he didn’t make Stan a demon to raise his temperature he would cause hell to freeze over. So Stan was turned into a powerful demon. Later he then escaped from hell and went on a killing spree, in his
crazy rage he unfortunately killed every person in Mr. Billy’s Magic Iceland. Satan finally caught Stan in Mexico while he was filming an amateur pornography
movie. Stan’s demon hood was taken away but Stan was allowed to stay in the mortal realm, however because he is still dead, he looks like a devil. He immediately left for Mexico to “Mourn” the loss of his family which all died in his killing spree.