Beufred Beaubouts

               Beufred Beaubouts was born in Smalltown, Iowa 1969.  When he was 3 his mother beat the living crap outta him and knocked him out. When he woke up he was mentally retarded for the next 12 years. He had the highest reading score on his SAT for his school with 78 points. The University of Lazyburg gave him a full ride scholarship. He got a degree in writing. At the University he learned to read more advanced books such as The Cat in The Hat, The Little Engine That Could, and the most advanced of them all Go Dog Go. He wrote less advanced works such as a remake of Hamlet and Macbeth. When he graduated he had already written 75 novels. They were published but banned due to the graphic content. They each have no less that 342 pages to them. He is now Chief reporter for B&B News. He lives in Denver, Co and is unmarried. He does however have a girlfriend. She has blue eyes blond hair and a great personality. She also is a very mature 15 year old female. Her family is mentally messed up. Her father is weird and her mother is well lets not go there. Beufreds family is lets just say different. His father is a real life Homer Simpson and his mother is a wreck. He has one sister that drinks constantly and is a dog poop scooper. Her part time job is a prostitute on Colfax and Peoria. She works for $2.00 every half hour. Plus tip. It is more for a video recording of your performance. He is finally working on this here web page so enjoy. His pet mosquito is the one shown above, more or less.