Mars Living Dome Found in Arctic

By Beufred Beaubouts

 Somewhere in the Arctic Near Eskimo Territory -  On Tuesday of some year, scientists found a large living dome occupied by some form of Martian life. The dome was made of a frozen liquid substance mostly composed of H2O and some other stuff. The domes were made in pieces of box shapped cubes.  Scientists have been observing these life forms for quite a while and have found that they engage in many interesting behaviors.  An example of this is, they chase rodent-like animals with large rods composed of a wood-like material with some sort of metal alloy at the end.  It was also noticed that some of the natives use these rodentia for clothing.  They speak in a highly advanced form of language, similar to the Northern Native American tongue.  Their form of transoprtation is a large wooden basket-like object with runners on the bottom and K-9 engines.  They don't swim like humans but instead they put on a boat looking form of clothing propelled by an extremely large shaft with a paddle on both ends.  When the scientists tried to confront them, the martians with large fur coats chased them away.


Scientist trying to talk to Martian.