Aliens Caught After Laker's Game

By Beufred Beaubouts

               Los Angeles,Ca.- During Monday night's riots in LA, 17 people were arrested after getting caught on tape by gov't officials wearing all black. Unbeknownst to the general public, three of the rioters arrested are allegedly aliens. The other fourteen are only suspected to be from another planet. The only two witnesses, Zeke Jones and Bubba Jean, both say they were anally probed prior to the game and forced to watch Mary Poppins 70 hrs straight. Zeke's comment was "They should kill all those damn Yufos that tortured us!"  After the game, Zeke and Bubba went out and started partying.  While partying, they saw a few large flashes of light. "We wasn't doin' nothin' too bad, but when those flashes went off, we found ourselves flippin' a copper's car. After bein' real disoriented, we saw one those flyin' saucer thingamajiggers takin' off, and we figgered that it was them there Yufos that hypnotized us." Bubba's comments were very similar. He said " Well lets see now here, oh yes them Yufos people wur uhh umm uhh i think taken off or flew away or sometin. I saw about twentyseven people gone, and when those seventeen people were gone, I remembered that it wuz them black people, I mean, men in black frum da guvment taken them away cause of them there pictures of those Yufos." The pictures found over the internet are the pictures of the Extraterestrials in human costumes. Don't be fooled by what you hear or see from the government.                                        


"They should kill all those damn Yufos that tortured us!"