Interview With Christ

By: Satan

    NEW YORK, HELL- As the newest member of our happy cast, I decided to do the biggest thing I could think of; interview Jesus. At about 3:00 PM, I brought Jesus down to my personal condo next to the Sea of Fire, and tied him up. Here is the conversation that ensued:

Satan: Today I'm here with Jesus, son of God, for an interview on looks, sex, morals, drugs, and alchohol. Only after 2 weeks of torture, we finally got Mr. Christ to talk. He was reluctant at first, but in good time, he broke down and spoke.

SA: How important are looks to you? Really?

Jesus: Well... I won't tell you.

SA: Whip Him!

JE: Okay, okay! Actually, to me looks are everything. Especially to impress the honeys. *Wink, Wink*

SA: Really?

JE: Really!

SA: Then why do you look the way you do? I mean, you look like trash. The cloth thing went out of style with the Romans. You look as if you were nailed to a cross or something!

JE: I was, you dip@$*%! You Mother -blank-ing assmu*ch!

SA: Burn him 'til he screams like a girl!

JE: AAAH! You'll burn in hell for this Lucifer!! Wait a minute... you already do. Please don't burn me anymore, I'll behave.

SA: Let him go, He's had enough. Bwahahahahahaha cough cough cough. Gotta quit smoking crack. What do you think about sex before marriage?

JE: I think it's great! I mean, I do it all the time, being a bachelor and all. But I don't want anyone else doing it. Ahh, what the hell, let them run wild and spread diseases! What do I care?

SA: How can a person say no to pre-marital sex, not like I care

JE: Masturbate!

SA: Oh, really? I thought you didn't like that?

JE: No. I do it at least 4-6 times a day! And the internet really helps my situation too!

SA: How can one fight the urge to masturbate?

JE: Two words: Pre-marital sex!

SA: Honesty is the best policy for you, right?

JE: F*!@ no! Lie every chance you get, especially about your Mistresses.

SA: What about drugs, what do you think of them?

JE: Depends on what you call drugs... If you're talking about Marijuana, I say, Bring on the magic herb! If you're talking 'bout crack, lets burn some rocks! I enjoy every drug, even Acid! After all, my father did produce them. I have a saying, "If at first you don't succeed, Grab a bong, and smoke some weed!"

SA: Do you drink?

JE: I love to get plastered. My favorite drink is Vodka. Especially straight.

SA: Yeah, Vodka's great. Anyway, do you have a website?

JE: Yup, I have two.

SA: What are they Smart*@#?

JE: One's a porn site, the other is Check 'em out!

SA: I believe I will. What do you think of gory video games?

JE: Oh, god, they're the best entertainment, next to sex and staring at small metal objects.

SA: Can you give me your opinion on abortions?

JE: Hell, I say kill the Damned little buggers! They haven't lived yet, and they're not good for sex, so why not destroy them? Oh, yeah, and they're fun to look at.

SA: O.K... Well, we are out of time, so thanks for being here.

JE: Thanks for having me!

SA:Well after spending two weeks and five hrs. with him, I say Jesus isn't such a bad guy afterall.


"Jesus being 'Persuaded' to answer our questions"

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