Bob's Bio


      Bob Smith was born in the city of Townsville, Utah in 1957.  His parents were killed in a freak accident with a knife. Bob was acquitted. At the age of 12, Bob learned how to read.  He read at least 14 books by the age of 17, quite an accomplishment.  When he turned 18, Bob went to college to become a teacher.  He dropped out 3 days before graduation because his house burned down.  After collecting the charred remains of his possessions from his box, Bob became a wonderer.  At the age of 27, he got a job at McDonalds. He then became manager, and even moved up to be the Vice-president!  (Actually, Vice-president's secretary, but they're basically the same thing.)  After three years, he earned himself enough money to buy a house. He got a computer, and is now Senior Editor at B & B News. He is unhappily married to Buella Smith and is having an affair with Tina Bopper.