Dr. Bob, Faith Healer, Possessed
By : Bob Smith

     DENVER, CO- Reverend Robert Hurd, second cousin to our very own Beufred Beaubouts, has been possessed by the Virgin Mary. After healing a witch doctor through the Catholic faith, he was seen standing under the glowing Virgin Mary.  This led many to believe that "Dr. Bob" has been possessed.  He now speaks Gibberish after being able to speak French, Spanish, and Italian.  We found his restaurant bills after the incident, and all of them were well over $200!  Please note that he was all alone during all the meals.  The Virgin Mary has compelled him to do many odd actions.  Some of these actions include: assisting suicide, attending wrestling matches, stealing donations, shooting up holy water, and believing he can heal people with just faith for all the money they have.  "Instead of calling him Robert Hurd, they should call him Robert Fraud!" says one anonymous customer.  "He has gypped so many innocent people, he should be kicked to death by small children!" says another. But there are many satisfied customers too. Suzie Gallo, a satisfied customer says "He's so good with patients. He does research for us and he has good relationships with the hospitals."  Chief Reporter, Beufred Beaubouts, said "Everyone says that he was a good man before the incident but you know what, he was just damn crazy all the way around no matter what his friends say." When interviewed, Reverend Bob's comments were inappropriate for this article. "I'm still trying to put it out of my mind." says Beaubouts.  This reporter thinks that so many people have been saved by this man that we should be able to dismiss a few "odd actions".


Bob standing under the glowing Virgin Mary