Bob Smith, a recovering alchoholic, lives in small town in Uganda with his wife, Tina. He was raised in the seventh ring of hell by none other than Satan, and became good friends with him. When he was 12, his mother died, and his father was turned into a newt. He ventured out of his small pile of rocks and into the big world. He went to Cuba and changed his name (temporarily) to Fulgencio Batista. He became the leader of Cuba, but was thrown out of office for smoking crack and cutting the nation's resource of Swiss Cheese. He changed his name back to Bob Smith, and came to the states. He traveled around on his bicycle for a while disguised as a clown. He settled down in Virginia. There, he met his (former) wife, Buella. After a freak accident involving an Anvil, 3 gerbils, and a piano, his wife passed away. Then Beufred also died, and he went to Mexico, where he met Stan. And that is where we are now.